Orchestra Audition Mastery 2024

Orchestra Audition Mastery 

Bootcamp For Violinists 

Learn My Winning 5-Step Strategy To Ace Your Next Violin Audition

📅April 8, 10, 12 (12pm - 1pm ET) 

Are you an advanced violinist preparing for orchestra auditions, seat placements, or entrance exams?

Do you struggle with nerves and stress, and lose control under pressure

Are you struggling to build confidence and motivation after a failed audition?

Do you wish you could stop the racing thoughts and self doubt and play more freely and musically?

I’ll take you through my 5-Step Framework that I've used to help violinists win their top orchestra jobs.
Inside Orchestra Audition Mastery, you will learn how to:
  •  Refine your audition preparation for a flawless performance
  •  Manage your practice time to maximize efficiency and minimize overwhelm 
  •  Build a winning mindset to reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome anxiety and overthinking
  •  Regulate your stress response through mind-body strategies for peak performance
  •  Organize your recording research into a living resource that you can use for future auditions & performances
  •  Know the score inside-out for an orchestra-ready performance  
  •  Experience realistic mock auditions to build mental and physical resilience
  •  Reduce overthinking and embrace your imaginative side for freedom on onstage

Sign up for Orchestra Audition Mastery today and start transforming
the way you prepare for violin auditions NOW.

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Check out the students who used my 
5-Step Framework to win their orchestra jobs:

"I was offered concertmaster and have accepted!

Danielle Sametz 
Symphony New Brunswick  

“While working with Lynn, I have won TWO auditions!”

Luke Santonastaso 
- Principal Second Violin, Santa Cruz Symphony
- First Violin, New West Symphony
United States

"I was preparing for City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra audition... and was offered the job!"

Sarah M.  
Tutti Viola
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mark your calendars. This will be a Live class.

Yes! You can catch the replays after I upload them. You will get lifetime access to them so that you can return to the material any time.

Even if you can't attend one or more of the days, you can still follow along with the material and do the suggested homework afterwards, on your own time!

You will get lifetime access to the replays.

This Bootcamp will be held online via Zoom. You can attend from anywhere in the world!

This Bootcamp will focus on preparation strategies, how to strengthen the inner game, how to build inner confidence as well as mental and physical resilience for performance under pressure.

While the strategies are applicable to all performing musicians, I will be focussing on violinists, using violin excerpts as examples, and will be working with violinists on Day 3 of the Bootcamp (April 12, 2024).  

This Bootcamp is a lecture-style workshop with suggested homework. 

I will address topics not typically covered when getting violin coaching for an audition, i.e., time management, practice planning, practice techniques, positive mindset, motivation, building confidence and decreasing performance nerves/stage fright.

I will not be focussing specifically on individual orchestral excerpts (e.g., fingerings, bowings, interpretation, etc.), however there will be opportunities to play in the form of posting videos in my private Dr. Lynn's Practice Ninjas Facebook group.

I will also select 3 Backstage Pass Upgrade students to play in a Masterclass on Day 3. This will be an opportunity to get personal feedback/coaching from me as well as experience a mock audition in front of the rest of the group.

You will get the chance to record your progress videos and post them inside my private Facebook group to give you accountability, motivation, and opportunities to build your performance courage.

After Day 2, I will also be selecting 3 Backstage Pass Upgrade students to get live feedback in the masterclass/Q&A session on Day 3.  

To be considered for the Day 3 Masterclass, first sign up for the Bootcamp and Backstage Pass Upgrade.

Follow along with the Day 1 and Day 2 challenges as well as join my private Dr. Lynn's Practice Ninjas Facebook Group.

I will be encouraging you to post videos inside the group. (Yes, this is an exercise in building performance courage!)

After Day 2, I will be selecting 3 Backstage Pass Upgrade students to get live feedback in the masterclass/Q&A session on Day 3.

I will give extra consideration to those who post publicly on their social media, tagging me @violynnkuo on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #orchestraauditionmastery .

Who am I:

Dr. Lynn Kuo
Founder of Violin With Dr. Lynn

With 23 years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra, I have dedicated my life to the violin. From orchestra auditions to concert stages worldwide, I've experienced the pressures, nerves, and frustrations inherent in the audition process.

Throughout my journey, I have sought coaching from esteemed mentors such as Nathan Cole, Burton Kaplan, Dr. Don Greene, Rob Knopper, Noa Kageyama, and Michael Colgrass. Their coaching transformed my life as a musician, giving me the tools to build increased confidence, inner strength, and resilience as a performer.

Now, my passion lies in helping other violinists do the same: to build unshakeable confidence and composure under pressure and to help you play to your full potential both technically and musically.  

Drawing from the worlds of neuroscience, sports psychology, positive psychology, martial arts, and yoga philosophy, it is my mission to provide powerful and effective techniques for violinists who want to succeed and thrive as confident performers.

I am excited to help you build the strength and resilience you need to empower you in your auditions and beyond!