Violin Tutorials

Dr. Lynn Kuo has an ability to break down the complexity of playing the violin into its minute parts and explain it in relatively simple terms without losing sight of the overarching principles that make playing the violin so wonderful. 
Bravo to bungee cords and balloons!

Bruce Edington
Amateur Violinist, Canada


Bach Chaconne

Have you always wanted to master Bach's beautiful Chaconne?

Grab my free Bach Chaconne Guide and dive deeper with me to unravel the mysteries of Bach's Chaconne.

What you will learn... 

  • Technical tips on how to master Bach Chaconne
  • How to improve double-stops and chords - both in the left hand and right hand
  • How to understand the bass line and dance rhythm to better interpret Bach Chaconne 
  • How to understand the structure to improve memorization

Bow Technique

These tips are GREAT, as always! I especially love the one about exhaling on the bow change - never thought of that before! These ideas will definitely be shared with my students.

Sister Marie-Therese Swiezynski
Violin Educator, United States


Double Stops

I definitely feel that I'm a better violinist. I'm a lot more comfortable with double stops and chords and I've only been in for 3 weeks now!

Chika Wie
Violinist & Suzuki Teacher, United States

Extended Violin Technique Playlist


A few months of studying with Dr. Lynn has been so helpful for me. I now listen so much more carefully when I practice and I now have more accurate intonation.

Susannah McKenzie-Sutter
Violinist & Educator,
Master of Music, Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland

Discover The Secrets On How To:

  • Ace Your Auditions
  • Supercharge Your Practice
  • Unlock Effortless Technique
  • Master Repertoire Faster
  • Conquer Performance Anxiety

Left-Hand Technique

Through watching Dr. Lynn's brilliant tutorials, I have learned how to create more colours from my bow and increase my left-hand dexterity. 

Ben Louwersheimer
Professional Cellist D.M.A, Canada

Paganini Caprices

Master Paganini Caprice No. 5

in just 5 steps

  • Bulletproof Your Intonation
  • Master (Four-Octave) Scales & Arpeggios
  • Build Speed & Accuracy
  • Improve Your Left-Hand Technique
  • Master all other Ricochet Strokes

Performance Anxiety

Dr. Lynn Kuo had identified issues that are just not talked about much but are paramount to the success of any musician. More importantly, she provides clear and actionable steps to help eliminate Performance Anxiety. 

Michelle Carlin
Freelance Violinist & Educator,

Practice Tips

Dr. Lynn provided the most up-to-date hacks and practice tools on how to survive auditions.

Yanet Campbell
Doctor of Musical Arts Student,
Western University

Supercharge Your Practice! Stop wasting time inside the practice room.

How To Practice Like A Ninja
Grab my Quick Start Practice Guide
and get quick tips to help you practice more efficiently!



Sound Production

Spiccato Tutorials

Want to know how to fix the top 5 Spiccato Mistakes?

My Spiccato definitely changed from the first time I played it ... and it just took 22 minutes!

Tessa Henderson
Violin Student, United Kingdom

Tchaikovsky #4

Tchaikovsky Nutcracker

Want tried and tested fingerings for Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Overture?


Vibrato Tutorials

After working on vibrato to loosen up my hand, I played the end of the Wieniawski first movement again. Things are getting better. 

Nikki Mariotti
Amateur Violinist,
United States

Violynn Tips

Discover The Secrets On How To:

  • Ace Your Auditions
  • Supercharge Your Practice
  • Unlock Effortless Technique
  • Master Repertoire Faster
  • Conquer Performance Anxiety