Mastering Musicality Course

Learn the secrets of great artists and performers.
Develop greater musicality.
Deepen your musical interpretations.

Learn how to master musicality:

the real problem

You’ve been told to play more musically but don’t know how.
You want to sound more exciting and more expressive but you’re not sure where to start.  

Musicality is often the final - but most important - step in crafting a winning performance that wins over your audiences, your peers, and your audition juries.

However, musicality is a topic that many music educators consider challenging, if not impossible, to teach effectively.
And for some players, playing more sensitively and musically may not come so naturally.
How exactly do you turn plain notes into beautiful and exciting music that touches, moves, and excites people?

Become a Master of Musicality 

In Mastering Musicality, I provide concrete, actionable, and fun strategies that help transform you into a more exciting, sensitive, and musical performer.

I also provide a 24-page Musicality Guide detailing the musicality strategies I personally use myself and teach to my students.

By the end of the Mastering Musicality course, you will have learned how to add layers of expression, depth, and nuance to your musical interpretations that result in more powerful and convincing performances.

Save time searching for answers online

Watch the video tutorials at your convenience

Get lifetime access to the lessons

What's inside Mastering Musicality (159 minutes):



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Anjelica Arellano

Great crash course!

I love your supplementary videos and this website, dividing it to short lessons, is helpful especially if you're looking for specific topics or tips. It's very clean and easy to navigate too!

1 year ago

Lynn Kuo



I have spent 21+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience on three continents from inside the pit and onstage as an orchestral, chamber musician, and soloist.

As a performer, I've given the world premiere of numerous works around the world; as an educator, I've taught as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and have been asked to teach, coach, and adjudicate worldwide.

I know what it’s like to be passionate about the violin and feel frustrated because you aren’t where you want to be technically or musically, you don’t feel like you’re getting the encouragement or support you need, or you feel like an imposter hiding behind the instrument.

It is my mission to provide caring guidance in your journey as a violinist, to inspire you to achieve your goals on the violin and to do so within an environment that fosters kindness, encouragement, and positivity.

It gives me great joy to help you break down the process of mastering the violin and musicianship into clear and understandable concepts so that you feel more empowered and confident on the violin.