I coach motivated violinists to master the instrument
and become more fearless onstage.

The Four Cornerstones of My Teaching:

FAst track your progress

There are four key areas I use to help you to help you achieve your goals as a violinist and musician.

Still have gaps in your technique?

Are you an advanced violinist, but still secretly struggle with a few technical issues?

You can scrub the whole internet searching for tutorials and tips and still feel stuck.

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Wish to play more expressively?

You watch the great artists and wonder how they sound so amazing - why their performances stir up so much emotion, and make you feel moved and inspired.

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Want to make your practicing 'stick'?

Did your teachers ever describe to you exactly how to fix your rep in the practice room?

Pick up a few pro tips and tricks that I use to practice effectively in my free workshop.

Nervous for performances and auditions?

Have you ever experienced sounding good in the practice room but fall apart under pressure?

Feel more rock-solid onstage, under pressure and land the best gigs in town and pass auditions. 


Assistant Concertmaster, 
National Ballet of Canada Orchestra

I'm Dr. Lynn Kuo...

I have spent 21+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience on three continents from inside the pit and onstage as an orchestral, chamber musician, and soloist.

 As a performer, I've given the world premiere of numerous works around the world; as an educator, I've taught as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and have been asked to teach, coach, and adjudicate worldwide.  

I know what it's like to be passionate about the violin and feel frustrated because you aren't where you want to be technically or musically, you don't feel like you're getting the encouragement or support you need, or you feel like an imposter hiding behind the instrument.

It is my mission to provide caring guidance in your journey as a violinist, to inspire you to achieve your goals on the violin and to do so within an environment that fosters kindness, encouragement and positivity.

 It gives me great joy to help you break down the process of mastering the violin and musicianship into clear and understandable concepts so that you feel more empowered and confident as a violinist and musician.

Jacqui Miles

Violinist, English National Opera
Violnist, Orchestra of the Royal Opera house, Covent Garden
United Kingdom

"The pandemic had turned my orchestral life upside-down.

I was struggling for focus and direction until I studied with Dr. Lynn.  

I am now able to perform with confidence and enjoyment. It has been an incredibly positive experience musically, technically and violinistically."

Nathan Cole

First Associate Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Lynn, trading tips, and watching her with her students. She’s incredibly creative and manages to make it fun to work on your technique. Bravo!"

Lyka Arellano

Violin Student, University of the Philippines

"I'm now feeling more in tune with my body while playing. I now understand what's going on while practicing and performing.  

Before studying with Dr. Lynn it used to take me ages before I could combine technique, musicality and performance-level playing.  

Listening back to my recording, there's a huge difference in sound and relaxed-ness."

I know what it's like to struggle

I know what it's like to struggle on the violin.

 Get the benefit of my decades of performing and studying the violin.  

Get started with my free workshop:  
The 3 Surprising Secrets That Help Violinists Play With  
Better Technique, Musicality, and Confidence  
So That They Can Feel More Free Onstage and Ace Their Auditions.

Diane Cohen

Assistant Principal First Violin, Memphis Symphony
United States

"Dr. Lynn is not only a great violinist but clearly puts a lot of thought into her teaching!

Through our lessons, she has helped me improve my musical phrasing and add more drama to my playing.

She is a hard worker, an extremely generous person, and a supportive teacher who is extremely knowledgeable with all musical styles, and a highly experienced performer!"

Alyssa Chong

Violin Student, Malaysia

"Dr. Lynn came at the right moment in my musical journey as I was struggling with performance anxiety and insecurities.  

I had never felt so centered with myself. I have been more focused in the practice room and finding positivity in my playing.  

I'm so proud of myself for being able to develop a sustainable pre-practice routine."

Are you a motivated violinist looking for a way to master your instrument?

Want to overcome your technical obstacles on the violin faster?

Do you wish you could walk out onstage with more confidence?

Colleen W.

Freelance Violinist and Educator, United States

I have played orchestral excerpts for several concertmasters and mentors in the past,
but Lynn Kuo exceeded my expectations.

Lynn is an exceptionally experienced musician who stood by my side during my audition preparation process. She clearly puts a lot of effort into our lessons. She was always available for questions, helped me organize a practice schedule and timeline, kept me accountable, and offered solid musical advice.

I felt very cared for, which made an enormous difference.

Taking into consideration all the years of music school training I've had, working with Lynn was one of the most positive experiences.

John Soloninka

Amateur Violinist & Violin Maker

"I have beeI have been privileged to study with many great teachers, including a student of Ysaÿe, different concertmasters of the Toronto Symphony, and many wonderful, internationally-known chamber musicians.

But in my book, Lynn is top-notch!

Lynn can meet you no matter where you are in your technical, musical education and development, professional or amateur, and get you to your next level.

If I were an up-and-comer or a young professional, I would love to have Lynn by my side in advance of auditions, performances etc...