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    Audition Preparation Package

    Wait, are you practicing for a big concert or audition? You will need to get ORGANIZED for maximum performance success. 1. Grab powerful strategies inside my 9-page Audition Preparation Guide. 2. Get super organized and motivated using my Audition Practice Journal. 3. Know your repertoire inside and out using my Recording Research Spreadsheet. This resource can be used for any audition or major performance! Grab it now to get started!

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        With Lynn's teachings, I just immediately see results!

        I always had difficulty practicing. I practice a lot, but I find that things just don't stick. Lynn has 180 degrees changed that.

        She is able to break things down to minute details so I can understand and fix the deep issues at the same time. Until I met Lynn, I didn't know how much I could progress.

        Yixi Zhang
        Amateur Violinist


        Dr. Kuo masterfully offers the vital details of how to practice and achieve immediate results.

        Since following Dr. Kuo’s expert guidance, my practice sessions are more efficiently organized, my awareness of various practice methods have increased, and the results of each session are immediately noticeable.

        Benjamin Louwersheimer


        Working with Lynn was an amazing experience and I feel I have improved immensely with her expert tuition.

         I might end up saying this a hundred times but I wish I had Lynn and her online courses 20 years ago!  I live on the other side of the world and don’t have any advanced violin teachers near me.  

        Michelle Carlin
        Freelance Violinist & Educator Australia