Do you wish you had more confidence as a violinist?

Do you wish you could master repertoire faster?

Do you wish you get rid of your technical problems on the instrument?

You are a motivated violinist and know
you want to refine your skills on the instrument.


Whether you're a 

  • student preparing for auditions
  • already graduated and starting your career
  •  a seasoned pro performing and teaching...

Wouldn't it be great to have a violin coach
dedicated to YOUR success? 

Lynn Kuo



I have spent 20+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience on three continents from inside the pit and onstage as an orchestral, chamber musician, and soloist.

As a performer, I've given the world premiere of numerous works around the world; as an educator, I've taught as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at Memorial University of Newfoundland and have been asked to teach, coach, and adjudicate worldwide.

I launched Violin with Dr. Lynn in order to serve violinists around the world who are as motivated as I am to continue learning and honing their craft.

With three performance degrees on the violin under my belt, I continue to pursue higher learning with world-class violin pedagogues in order to further my knowledge and provide excellent instruction to my students worldwide.

I coach student violinists, avid amateurs, teachers, and professionals who come from all parts of the globe: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Philippines, etc., some of whom play professionally as principal players in the Scottish Ballet Orchestra, English National Opera, and Memphis Symphony Orchestra. 

Nothing would make me happier than to work with you to help you achieve greater success as a violinist and a musician.

More about me at:

Yanet Campbell

“I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Kuo, who is a very talented, successful, and charismatic violinist.  

It was very motivating to be part of her violin studio and following her advice took my performance to a higher level. In fact, I was recently accepted by two of the most prestigious Canadian music institutions.  

Having the chance to work with someone like Lynn, who has a leading role in one of Canada’s renowned orchestras, was very helpful. Lynn provided the most up-to-date hacks and practice tools on how to survive orchestral auditions.    

If you want to have a fun time while reaching a higher level in your violin interpretation, you should definitely study with Dr. Kuo.” 

Yanet Campbell
Royal Conservatory of Music Student, Canada

Because one doesn't become a great violinist from just watching YouTube tutorials...

Work with a dedicated coach who cares
about you and YOUr musical success

“Dr. Lynn is not only a great violinist but clearly puts a lot of thought into her teaching!

 Through our lessons, Dr. Lynn has helped me to play with more clear musical phrasing and to add more drama to my playing.    

Dr. Lynn is a hard worker, an extremely generous person, a supportive teacher, extremely knowledgeable with all musical styles, and a highly experienced performer and teacher!
I highly recommend Dr. Lynn to everyone!.” 

Diane Cohen
Assistant Principal First Violin, Memphis Symphony and Violin Teacher, United States 

Assistant Principal First Violin, Memphis Symphony

Private Lesson Packages

Study privately with Dr. Lynn Kuo

my monthly Private lesson packages include:

1:1 coaching

Transform your playing faster and get YOUR specific questions answered with me as your dedicated coach. 

unlimited support in between lessons

Get access to a private lifeline for unlimited support in between lessons.

a private community

Get access to the Violin Ninja Club, an exclusive, private community of motivated violinists from around the world.

access to an exclusive video reference library

Access the Violin Ninja Course Bundle, a private video reference library of my tutorials on violin technique, performance anxiety, musicality, and practice strategies.

"Lynn is a positive and enthusiastic teacher, whose artistry, analytical style, sense of humour, and engaging approach to teaching, was most welcomed during our lessons."

Andrew Kizas, PhD.
Director, Regional Strings Program, Port Credit Secondary School, Canada

 "I’ve come away with new ways to approach and teach important violin techniques and am inspired to practice and perform!

My detailed lessons with you pushed me to listen and analyze music on a deeper level.  Your positive attitude really inspired me and your feedback helped me reach new goals.

Kathleen Covalt
Violin Teacher, United States

 "Amazing as ever Lynn! You have so much amazing knowledge and it's such a privilege to be able to listen to it and learn from the best!! Thank youuuu.

Glen Mouat

Get freedom and flexibility.

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Private Lesson
Package (Gold)

$400 CAD /month

  • 2 lessons a month (60 minutes)
  • Access to private Violin Ninja Club (Facebook group)
  • Unlimited video feedback in between lessons
  • Access to Violin Ninja Course Bundle
  • Cancel anytime

Private Lesson

$200 CAD /month

  • 1 lesson a month (60 minutes)
  • Access to private Violin Ninja Club (Facebook group)
  • Unlimited video feedback in between lessons
  • Access to Violin Ninja Course Bundle
  • Cancel anytime