Summer Violin Bootcamp 2021

July 5 - August 28th, 2021: Become a Violin Ninja in 8 weeks this summer!

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Tier 2: 1 Payment $1697 CAD
Tier 1: 1 Payment $3397 CAD
Tier 1: 2 Monthly Payments 2 payments of $1750 CAD /month
Tier 1: 3 Monthly Payments 3 payments of $1200 CAD /month
Tier 2: 2 Monthly Payments 2 payments of $885 CAD /month

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    Summer Violin Bootcamp 2021 3 payments of $1200 CAD /month
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    $1200 CAD
    3 payments of $1200 CAD /month

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        Tier 1

        • 2 private lessons (60 minutes)
        • 8 Masterclasses (90 minutes)
        • 8 Fundamentals classes (60
        • 3 Special Workshops
        • Access to Lynnja Sessions
        • Access to Summer '21 Ninjas
          Facebook Group
        • Graduation Recital
        • Access to Violin Ninja Course
        "Amazing as ever Lynn! You have so much amazing knowledge and it's such a privilege to be able to listen to it and learn from the best!! Thank youuuu."

        G.M., Scotland

        "Thank you for such an excellent lesson. You explain things in such a way that makes it very clear and understandable."


         "My experience as a student in Dr. Lynn's Summer Bootcamp exceeded my expectations in every way. The pandemic has made it a challenge to feel fulfilled as a musician and performer, but despite the circumstances, Lynn created an 8 week program complete with top quality lessons, performances, masterclasses, guest workshops, and more. 

        I'm so thrilled with the progress I've made this summer and the community of musicians I've had the opportunity to work with, learn from, and befriend. 

        I highly recommend this program to violinists. 

        Lynn seems to have cracked the code in bringing online learning off the screen and into a tangible experience that shapes you as a musician and person.

        Susannah McKenzie-Sutter, M. Mus
        Violinist, Sistema New Brunswick Teaching Artist, Canada