As a violin coach and educator, I am privileged to work with
the most passionate and motivated violinists from all over the world.
And the results have been amazing!

Student Success Stories

Sarah M.

Newly appointed Tutti Viola, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra | United Kingdom  

“When I spoke to Lynn three weeks ago, I needed some guidance before my audition for City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and this is what the VIP Coaching Program has given me.
It's exciting. You've been incredible, so thank you! I wouldn't be where I am now. I'm a much better player than I was!”

John Soloninka

Amateur Violinist & Violin Maker

I've been privileged to study with many great teachers, including a student of Ysaÿe, two different concertmasters of the Toronto Symphony and many wonderful internationally known chamber musicians.

But in my book, Lynn is top notch!
She can meet you no matter where you are in your technical and musical education and development, professional or amateur, and get you to that your next level.

Jacqui Miles

Violinist, English National Opera
and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
United Kingdom

The pandemic had turned my orchestral life upside-down. I was struggling for direction and focus until I studied with Dr. Lynn.

Now, I am able to perform with confidence & enjoyment. 

It has been an incredibly positive experience musically, technically & violinistically.

Lauren Smee

Violinist, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra
Suzuki Violin Teacher

I remember at the end, my spiccato was just flowing so effortlessly!

Dr. Lynn helped me with whatever I wanted to work on and by the end of the lesson it would be feeling - and sounding! - so much better.

Yixi Zhang

Amateur Violinist

I always had difficulty practicing. I practice a lot, but I find that things just don't stick.
Lynn has 180 degrees changed that.

She is able to break things down to minute details so I can understand and fix the deep issues at the same time.
Until I met Lynn, I didn't know how much I could progress.

With her teachings, I just immediately see results

Alyssa Chong

Violin Student

Dr. Lynn came at the right moment in my musical journey as I was struggling with performance anxiety and insecurities…

Before, I used to be so timid, insecure and afraid. Now after working with Dr. Lynn,  I feel like I’ve grown so much.  

Yanet Campbell

Doctor of Musical Arts Student, Western University

Following Dr. Lynn's advice took my performance to a higher level.

In fact, I was recently accepted by two of the most prestigious Canadian music institutions.

Shae-Lynn Winsor

Violin Student, University of Ottawa

After studying with Dr. Lynn, I became more confident and comfortable in my own playing.

She has really helped boost my confidence and overcome performance anxiety.

Carole Bestvater

Freelance Violinist

I participated in Dr. Lynn's program and had a fabulous time!

It was a really excellent opportunity to dive deeper into the technique classes and she really helped me with developing an in-depth musical interpretation of the solo works that I was working on.

The structure of her program really worked well for me.

Nikki Mariotti

Amateur Violinist
United States

Because of Dr. Lynn, I have a safe space to share my playing & practicing.

Having the safe space has increased my confidence to share my playing & practicing to my general social media as well.  

Tessa Henderson

Violin Student
United Kingdom

My spiccato definitely changed from the first time I played it … and it took just 22 minutes!

Lynn helped me focus more on the musical direction.  

Lyka Arellano

Violin Student, University of the Philippines

It used to take me ages before I could combine technique, musicality and performance-level playing.

Listening back to my first recording, there’s a huge difference in sound and 'relaxed-ness'. 

Eddy Malave

Freelance Violist, Alexander Teacher
United States

I joined her program and felt very included even though I am a violist. It was such a wonderful safe space for me to work on improvement and be part of a community.

I was very inspired working with Lynn. I didn't have this kind of education before. You will really get a good end-result working with her. 

I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. It's an investment for yourself. 

Diane Cohen

Assistant Principal Violinist, Memphis Symphony
Violin Educator
United States

Dr. Lynn is not only a great violinist who is extremely knowledgeable with all musical styles, she also clearly puts a lot of thought into her teaching!

She has helped me improve my musical phrasing and add more drama to my playing.

Paulo Carmelo

Violin Educator; Section Violin, Filipino American Symphony Orchestra
United States

I was frustrated. My head was getting in the way and I was dealing with stage fright…

But after working with Dr. Lynn, I can say that I became more confident in myself with newfound determination.

Gill Ripley

Freelance Violinist & Educator
New Zealand

I was feeling stuck and unmotivated. It can be hard to keep improving as a violinist after initial studies have finished.

But working with Dr. Lynn has been a big game changer in terms of technique and positive mindset.  

Nathan Cole

First Associate Concertmaster,
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Lynn Kuo, right now is just killing it!

She ran her own program and is quickly expanding that to reach even more people.

I learn new things now when I watch her Instagram posts and videos, but she has really made it her own and I now, in turn, can learn from what she's posting and I can refer people to what she is doing and I certainly have referred people to her program. 

Serena Piercey

Bachelor of Music Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Working with Dr. Lynn was the highlight of my summer!

Her expertise combined with her kindness and positive attitude inspired and pushed me.

After studying with her, I now have made significant improvements to my playing. 

Chika Wie

Violin Educator
United States

I definitely feel that I’m a better violinist and I’ve only been in for 3 weeks now!
After working with Dr. Lynn, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with double stops and chords. 

My bow use in terms of releasing pressure and ringing sound is so much better.

Michelle Carlin

Freelance Violinist & Educator

I might end up saying this a hundred times but I wish I had Lynn and her online courses 20 years ago!

I live on the other side of the world and don’t have any advanced violin teachers near me.  

Working with Lynn was an amazing experience and I feel I have improved immensely with her expert tuition. 

Timothy Kantor

Assistant Violin Professor, University of Arizona

Months ago, Dr. Lynn gave a fantastic online masterclass to my students.

Dr. Lynn Kuo shared creative technical solutions, inspired new musical ideas, and most of all... she made it a lot of fun!

And those are the qualities that are foundational to her coaching program as well.

Richard Roberts

Concertmaster, Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Your explanations are simple and unpretentious, and so, easier to grasp and accept.

I'm in admiration of your presentations, your vivacious personality, and real skill in finding the best ways of dealing with violin matters. Brava!! 

Dr. Nancy Dahn

Professor of Violin
Memorial University of Newfoundland, School of Music

Lynn Kuo is a highly accomplished violinist with lots of wisdom to share about how to become a more polished player. 

Garrett Fischbach

Violinist/Violist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

I encourage you to work with Lynn. You’re in good hands with her… she is one of the best teachers I know.”

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