Alumni Packages

A monthly "touchup" package for alumni that offers private lesson(s), video feedback, a monthly class, and access to the Violin Ninja Club.

For Bootcamp Alumni:

Get unlimited text/video feedback 

Get exclusive monthly  group classes

Get free access to the Violin Ninja Course Bundle

Course Summary

Monthly Lessons, Access to the monthly Violin Ninja Party, Violin Ninja Club, Video feedback, and Violin Ninja Course Bundle

What do I get if I become a member of the Violin Ninja Club? 

  The Violin Ninja Club Membership INCLUDES: 

- Lifetime access to the Violin Ninja Course Bundle ($347USD value)  

- Lifetime access to the private Violin Ninja Club (Facebook Group) ($40USD value)  

- Get support, encouragement, and inspiration from other Ninjas

- Receive feedback and encouragement from Dr. Lynn and your fellow Ninjas

- Perform run-throughs of your repertoire (e.g., mock audition) in a safe space through live streaming  

- Personalized feedback from Dr. Lynn on one video submission per month (maximum 10 minutes) ($40USD value)

- Ask specific questions on your repertoire, technique, etc.  

Access to the monthly Ninja Party* (private class on Zoom - 60 minutes) ($40USD value)

The monthly Ninja Party* is a private class that is part:

- Q&A Office Hours Masterclass  
- Technical Workout Group coaching  
The Ninja Party* is your personal, monthly live access to Dr. Lynn!

Every month, you get to:

- Access a safe space to bring your questions on repertoire, technique, auditions, career options, performance mindset, course material, etc.
- Participate in technique workouts led by Dr. Lynn that help you improve and refine your technique
 - Perform live for your fellow, motivated Ninjas in a masterclass setting  
 - Have personalized coaching (on technique, performance anxiety, musicality, practice techniques, auditions, career options, etc.)
 - Perform live for like-minded, motivated Ninjas in a masterclass setting  Have lifetime access to video replays  

*Class time to be staggered each month to accommodate different time zones  

Lynn Kuo



I have spent 21+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience on three continents from inside the pit and onstage as an orchestral, chamber musician, and soloist.

As a performer, I've given the world premiere of numerous works around the world; as an educator, I've taught as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and have been asked to teach, coach, and adjudicate worldwide.

I know what it’s like to be passionate about the violin and feel frustrated because you aren’t where you want to be technically or musically, you don’t feel like you’re getting the encouragement or support you need, or you feel like an imposter hiding behind the instrument.

It is my mission to provide caring guidance in your journey as a violinist, to inspire you to achieve your goals on the violin and to do so within an environment that fosters kindness, encouragement, and positivity.

It gives me great joy to help you break down the process of mastering the violin and musicianship into clear and understandable concepts so that you feel more empowered and confident as a violinist and musician.

Course Pricing

  • Alumni Package A
  • $185 USD

    per month

    Monthly lesson & Ninja Party, video feedback, access to private Violin Ninja Club, and Violin Ninja Course Cancel at any time.

    Start Anytime
  • 1 lesson a month (60 minutes x 1 or 30 minutes x 2)
  • Video feedback (1 video x 10 minutes)
  • Access to Violin Ninja Course Bundle
  • Access to monthly Violin Party (60-minute, private Zoom class)
  • Access to Violin Ninja Club (private Facebook group)
  • Alumni Package B
  • $85 USD

    per month

    Access to private Violin Ninja Club, monthly Ninja Party, and Violin Ninja Course Bundle. Cancel at any time.

    Start Anytime
  • Access to monthly Violin Party (60-minute, private Zoom class)
  • Access to Violin Ninja Course Bundle
  • Access to Violin Ninja Course Bundle